“Over 1250 business and community leaders to converge on Bakersfield in August.” 

SACRAMENTO, CA – The California Hispanic Chambers of Commerce (CHCC) has announced that Bakersfield, California, will be the host city for its 45th Annual Statewide Convention. The convention will take place from August 21-23, 2024, at the Bakersfield Marriott located at the Convention Center. The Kern County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (KCHCC) will co-host the event. 

The CHCC’s Annual Statewide Convention is a significant event that brings together over 1,250 executives, entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, community leaders, and elected officials from across the US. It is the largest gathering of Hispanic and diverse small businesses and community leaders in the Western region. The convention will benefit the local economy and help to boost the growth and momentum of Hispanic and diverse businesses in California and the nation. 

Veronica Corona, CHCC Chairwoman of the Board, expressed her excitement about hosting the convention in Bakersfield and stated, “The Hispanic population in Bakersfield is over 57% and is in the heart of the state, making it accessible to all attendees. The region boosts vital agriculture, oil, and renewable energy economy that is key to California’s economic future.” 

The convention will focus on empowering Hispanic and diverse businesses, fostering connections, and advancing economic opportunities. The convention will consist of impactful presentations and policy-driven discussions and allow attendees to connect with business leaders, thought leaders, elected officials, and Hispanic and diverse small business and community leaders. Programs will highlight California’s over 815,000 Hispanic-owned enterprises, which generate over $100 billion in annual revenue. 

The Mechanics Bank Arena, Theater, and Convention Center, located in the heart of Bakersfield, will provide a state-of-the-art venue for plenary sessions, workshops, and networking events.

Bakersfield Mayor Karen Goh expressed her gratitude that the California Hispanic Chambers of Commerce chose Bakersfield to host the 45th Annual Convention; she stated, “Bakersfield takes pride in the numerous contributions of our Hispanic community and one of the largest and most successful Hispanic Chambers in California (Kern County HCC). The selection of Bakersfield by the CHCC further cements Bakersfield’s position as an economic epicenter of California. The city is excited to share its vibrant community and economic vitality with small business leaders throughout the state.” 

CHCC President and CEO Julian Canete stated, “Bakersfield’s dynamic business environment and diverse community, coupled with its strategic location and first-class facilities, make it an excellent host city for the convention.” 

“This is such a historic moment for Bakersfield and Kern County. Our local businesses, community organizations, and leaders in the city and county are enthusiastic and honored of the opportunity to host the CHCC Statewide annual convention. Bakersfield looks forward to showcasing the city’s unique culture and economic vitality,” said Jay Tamsi, Kern County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce President & CEO and the CHCC’s 2024 Convention Local Chairman. 

The CHCC anticipates that the event will provide a significant economic boost to the region as attendees explore local businesses, attractions, and cultural and historical experiences. 

For more information about the 45th Annual California Hispanic Chambers of Commerce Statewide Convention, please visit https://cahcc.com/page/new-page or contact Gema Gonzales at gema@cahcc.com or call (916) 444-2221. 

About the California Hispanic Chambers of Commerce 

The California Hispanic Chambers of Commerce and its over 125 Hispanic and diverse chambers and business organizations represent the interests of over 815,000 Hispanic-owned businesses in California. The organization’s mission is to promote the economic growth and development of Hispanic entrepreneurs and California’s Hispanic business community by providing resources, advocacy, and networking opportunities.