The Bakersfield College Women’s History and More (WHAM) is proud to present : A Dialogue on COVID-19: the Vaccine & Your Health

Date & Time: Thursday, March 25th, 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., via zoom (registration required)

The event is free, open to the public, and held by Bakersfield College’s Office of Student Life and Women’s History and More (W.H.A.M.) via zoom

Themes: Latino COVID-19 Task Force; Public Health; COVID-19 & Mental Health Hotline; Physical Health; Farmworker Outreach; and Women-specific Health Impact

Our Speakers: 

Jay Tamsi, Co-Founder, Latino Covid-19 Task Force and President/CEO, Kern County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Michelle Corson, Program Manager/Public Relations Officer, Kern County Public Health Services Department

Connie Perez-Andreesen, Chief Administrative Officer, United Farm Workers 

Bianca Torres, Hotline Manager, Kern County Latino COVID-19 Taskforce Hotline

Moderator: Olivia Garcia, Professor of History

A Dialogue on COVID-19: the Vaccine & Your Health is part of the Women’s History Month celebration by the BC Women’s History and More Committee.

Though the focus of the BC Women’s History and More (WHAM) is to recognize women in history, this year’s focus is centered around history in the making: COVID-19 and its impact of our campus and community. Women are often labeled as nurturers – we felt it was time to take care of the campus community.  

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