The Kern County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is proud to introduce you to the next outstanding Latina in Business & Leadership, Viviana Ramirez. 

“During my Junior year I was getting ready to sign up for my ACTs and SATs and I had a meeting with my counselor to go over my plan after High School. I was so excited to tell her as I had really never told anybody.  I told her that I wanted to be a music teacher!  She looked at me and grinned then pointed out the window towards the quad and said you have about as much chance of becoming a music teacher as any of those boys out there have of becoming a pro football player.  My dreams were crushed.  I had never felt so worthless and couldn’t believe the person who was supposed to be a source for my future could say something so mean. While her name isn’t worth mentioning, I guess she did serve her purpose. I vowed from that day forward to never let another child feel what I felt that day.”

Viviana is a Bilingual Technician for the Kern High School District. She serves English Language Learners to help close the achievement gap that ensures they acquire proficiency in English to achieve the same rigorous grade-level academic standards that are expected of all students. 

Additionally she assists students with Work Experience through the Quest 4 Success Program.  Quest 4 Success offers eligible 11th and 12th grade students that attend participating Kern High School District continuation high schools an opportunity to receive paid work experience. 

Most recently Viviana has become an Advisor for the PODER (Providing Opportunities for Development, Empowerment, and Resilience) program.

“ I love the children I work for.  I treat them as my own.  They know I love them , but I am also tough on them because I want them to live up to the best of their potential.  They deserve to follow their dreams and NEVER let anybody stand in their way.  What I do is not work.  What I do is live with the purpose that all children should have a voice.”

She works closely with the GLCOC and KCHCC in order to further educate Ken County’s youth and offer them opportunities to find their worth through service to others.